Former DA Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Former DA Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Disruptions and disagreements within political parties on the eve of an election badly affect the outcome of a poll. The ANC, under new management, is divided over the residues of its  past nine-year reign, opting instead to deploy or retain cadres despite clear evidence of wrongdoing.

The EFF, after the VBS Mutual Bank scandal, is trying hard to swell its membership, but with rhetoric that is inflammatory. This has alienated moderates who want to vote for them, but feel the party is not ready to govern.

The DA, post the Patricia de Lille and Helen Zille fiascos, have a solid base in the Western Cape, but penetration in the other eight provinces, apart from Gauteng, will need some real firepower.

Corruption within all the parties is one major factor that will need a Herculean effort to eradicate. This is key to this crucial poll after a quarter century of gross ineptitude.

Prudence, history lessons for those voting for the first time, electoral “counsel” for once die-hard ANC supporters, and a glance into the crystal ball as to what the “new” ANC has to offer amid declines in most spheres, will be topmost in the minds of an electorate fed up with hard-earned tax monies going into personal accounts.

AR Modak