Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Picture: REUTERS
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Picture: REUTERS

The DA has usually been fairly quiet about the direction of its foreign policy. That is until the Venezuelan crises arose.

Party leader Mmusi Maimane has come forward in vigorous support of the US stooge Juan Guaidó. I understand he was even making arrangements to meet him.

Venezuela has the mixed blessing of huge oil reserves and the predatory US in close proximity. What is forgotten is that incumbent president Nicolás Maduro won a free election by 67% of the popular vote, which is some margin greater than US President Donald Trump, who actually lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Never mind, just a nod and a wink from Uncle Sam and presto, you claim the presidency.

The immorality shown by the DA is revealing. There is a complete lack of concern about constitutional niceties or the US’s typical colonial "gunboat diplomacy”.

Forget about SA’s colonial past, we want to be on the winning team. 

Brian van der Vijver