ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa. Picture: BUSINESSLIVE
ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa. Picture: BUSINESSLIVE

So ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa says Eskom has been sabotaged. He is correct, but fails to identify the saboteur, which is the ANC itself.

Since early this century, ANC governments have actively interfered in Eskom affairs. The ANC, via its government, stopped the Eskom expansion recommended around 2002. The ANC then elected a president who appointed ministers like Lynne Brown and Malusi Gigaba, who appointed directors whose job it was to make state capture easy.

Our sitting president, who professes to be so outraged, chaired the Eskom “war room” designed, we are told, to remedy all wrongs at Eskom. The ANC’s black economic empowerment policy encouraged Eskom to retrench skilled people because they were the wrong colour. And it was the ANC’s darling, Brian Molefe, who said coal would only be purchased from companies with at least 50% black ownership.

Major mining houses have, as a result, all sold their mines with Eskom contracts. Optimum Coal is a good example of how successful this was. It was the ANC government that destroyed the original Eskom model by corporatising the entity. And so it goes on.

Indeed Zizi, Eskom has been sabotaged and your party, the ANC, is accountable.

PM MillerPietermaritzburg