Jessie Duarte. Picture: DAYLIN PAUL
Jessie Duarte. Picture: DAYLIN PAUL

Where is the New York Times when you need it? The publication stood up to Donald Trump and exposed his lies, but what will it say about Jacob Zuma’s half-truths? Zuma lied about people hating ANC presidents. It is Zuma and his friends who chased Thabo Mbeki out of the Union Buildings. It is Zuma who reveals his hatred for SA by undermining its Constitution.

Then you have Zuma’s Comical Ali, Jessie Duarte, who is telling the emperor lies. Just as Saddam Hussein’s Comical Ali lied to him about allied forces being defeated, Duarte is misleading Zuma. According to Duarte the president is uniting the country, this as 50,000 people were standing on the lawns of the Union Buildings telling the president to leave.

To Duarte that is a sign of unity? As Miles Davis and Robert Glasper say in their Grammy-winning album, Talking S**t, this is the anthem of our crazy times. This is the song Sdumo Dlamini must listen to as Cosatu continues with its Orwellian doublespeak. Dlamini was eating Zuma’s birthday cake as Cosatu said Zuma must go. What is going on, Sdumo?

Zuma’s mbongi-in-chief, Nomvula Mokonyane, must also take some time to listen to Talking S**t. The credit ratings downgrade is not a movie, but reality.

Dr Lucas NtyintyaneVia e-mail

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