US president-elect Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS/CARLO ALLEGRI
US president-elect Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS/CARLO ALLEGRI

The biggest challenge the world faces is economic inequality, within countries and between countries, and the increasing awareness thereof through social media penetrating all corners of the earth.

US president-elect Donald Trump and his team of billionaires will not close this gap between the haves and have-nots. On the contrary, inequality within countries and between countries will deepen.

Trump is already bullying economically weaker countries including neighbouring Mexico. He has even threatened Japan not to create jobs there.

If you do not develop the global economy and help people where they are, you create more pressure on people to migrate to find work and a livelihood.

The cycle of the rich getting richer and the poor migrating legally and illegally will continue and will, in fact, be accelerated.

The world needs leaders with a world view and an inclusive rather than exclusive and nationalistic approach towards the problems facing the world. The tendency to close borders and have an approach of "your country first at all costs" is not the answer for today’s internationalised global village.

Dawie Jacobs

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