EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: GALLO IMAGES
EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: GALLO IMAGES

"The EFF and ANC are in an evil alliance" on property expropriation and are intent on "causing the complete economical break-down" — that’s how Front National (SA) leader Hannes Engelbrecht reacted on Wednesday to EFF leader Julius Malema’s "recent calls for forced occupation of land on April 6 2017"‚ which he described "as irresponsible‚ deliberate and racist".

"Malema knows full well that the white minority population celebrates the landing of Jan van Riebeeck in 1652 on that day. The date he chose is therefore deliberately chosen as a racially motivated insult to the white population‚" he said.

An EFF statement‚ released on Monday after the party’s national plenum‚ said that as part of its national programme of action: "On April 6, all branches of the EFF will partake in land occupation struggles. These struggles highlight the urgent need for this country to resolve the land question by expropriating land without compensation for equal redistribution."

Engelbrecht said: "Along with the new Property Expropriation Bill‚ which the ANC government is so eager to push through Parliament‚ we can reach no other conclusion than that the EFF and ANC are in an evil alliance to launch actions which caused the complete economical break-down of neighbouring Zimbabwe."

He said his party "believes in a peaceful solution to the land ownership question" and this "can be resolved by recognising the right of ethnic minorities to self-determination and we urge both the ANC and the EFF not only to admit this‚ but to create the opportunity for us to sit down and resolve this matter".

However, Engelbrecht said‚ "Given the EFF’s history of violence and disrespect towards private property ownership we are now forced to look at alternatives in response to such an attitude. We cannot simply sit back and see how the blood of innocent people is spilled because of a matter which can be resolved by recognising the basic constitutional right of self-government for all ethnic groups in the country."

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