The Amarok passed its times table test with flying colours. Picture: LERATO MATEBESE
The Amarok passed its times table test with flying colours. Picture: LERATO MATEBESE

No sooner had our Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDI arrived than it was given its first major task of lugging some foldable catering tables for the folks.

Having a bakkie in the fleet is definitely a boon as you never know when you might require its services. So it was that I nosed our German bakkie towards the China Mall at Crown Mines, in Johannesburg, where 10 tables awaited me.

I arrived at the shopping mecca not sure how big these tables would be and whether they would fit in the load bin.

I must admit, the thought of having to make at least two trips did cross my mind, so I had primed myself for a long day on the road, carting tables between my folks’ place on the East Rand and Crown Mines — a good 35km each way.

We began packing the tables into the loadbox in a stacked configuration and then a few to the side. I sighed with relief when all 10 tables fitted in comfortably. All that was required was to tie them down so they would not move around during transportation and place the requisite red triangle as I had to keep the tailgate open.

It turned out to be a breeze as the vehicle lugged the load as if it was carrying bales of wool, thanks to the 580Nm made by the engine from as low as 2,000r/min.

Also, thanks to the load, the ride was less bouncy than we had alluded to previously.

I did whine about the lack of running boards in our previous report and it remains a notable bugbear and one you are reminded of by passengers who have to hoist themselves up into the cabin.

If you are buying, or have an Amarok, I recommend you fit these to your vehicle to make it easier to get into.

That aside, the vehicle has proven itself useful and, as I write, a mate has just asked for help to move house this coming weekend, so we will once again put the model to the test and see how it fares.

We will give you feedback on that exercise in our next update, but for now the Amarok V6 TDI is truly stamping its authority as the most powerful bakkie in its segment.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class will obviously attempt to depose it when it becomes available in SA in a few months’ time.

We have it on good account, though, that VW will be introducing a more powerful variant of the V6 TDI in the not-too-distant future, which should make things even more intriguing in this segment.