Picture: 123RF/Daniel Kloeg
Picture: 123RF/Daniel Kloeg

Brussels — The EU will impose duties from Thursday on Chinese electric bicycles in a move to curb cheap imports that European producers say are flooding the market.

The duties are the latest in a series of EU measures against Chinese exports ranging from solar panels to steel, which have sparked strong words from the Chinese government.

The EU shares US concerns about technology transfers and state subsidies but has called on countries to avoid a trade war. Earlier in July, the US and China slapped tariffs on $34bn of each other’s imports.

The European Commission, which is carrying out a probe on behalf of the 28 EU members, decided that tariffs of 27.5% to 83.6% should apply for all electric bikes from China, the Official Journal of the EU said.

Taiwan’s Giant, one of the world’s largest bicycle makers with factories in China as well as the Netherlands, was subject to the lower rate of 27.5%.

The commission found Chinese exports of electric bikes to the EU more than tripled from 2014 to September 2017. Their market share rose to 35%.

The European Bicycle Manufacturers Association said that it applauded the commission’s decision.