Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

London — Cricket SA were to have revealed details about their promised T20 tournament this week, but they have postponed the news — not unlike the inaugural edition of the event itself in 2017.

"We’re just waiting for a few signatures from our commercial deals before going to print," a Cricket SA spokesperson said.

"Unfortunately, we can’t make any announcements until those have been completed."

He said the beans would now be spilled on Tuesday, or a day less than seven weeks before the first ball is to be bowled.

"They are just preponing the Ram Slam," was a counter view, which suggested that whatever Cricket SA presented would not differ much from their existing franchise T20 tournament.

That came from one of the franchise owners of what was billed as an extravaganza called the T20 Global League (T20GL), which was supposed to have been played in November and December 2017 but was called off because, as Cricket SA said at the time, the competition would have cost them too much in financial losses.

The owner described Cricket SA’s leadership as a "bunch of idiots". And doubts that they will be able to pull off the venture this time are widespread.

Equity deal

SuperSport has backed out of an equity deal for the tournament, the DA has demanded that the event’s plans be scrutinised by parliament to prevent "major reputational and financial loss" before they are made public, and several T20GL owners are queuing up to sue.

"My lawyers are working on it," an owner said. "We’re waiting for their announcement, because no-one knows if the league is still happening.

"So [at this stage] we don’t have anything to interdict."

Cricket SA said on September 8 that its members council "voted unanimously in favour of launching Cricket SA’s new T20 League competition".

It has stopped calling the competition the T20GL.

The tournament, wholly owned by Cricket SA, will feature six teams — down from the T20GL’s eight and matching the number of established domestic franchises — and comprise 30 round-robin games, two semifinals and a final. It is scheduled to be played from November 9 to December 16.