Richard Maponya. File photo: SOWETAN/PETER MOGAKI
Richard Maponya. File photo: SOWETAN/PETER MOGAKI

The first week of January gifted us with real examples of the difference between a transformative leader and destructive leadership. US President Donald Trump and the ANC leadership can learn something from Kaizer Motaung and the late Richard Maponya.

The US-Iran crisis has exposed the bankruptcy of Trump’s leadership; a missed opportunity to lead the world. He bullies rather than listens, he divides instead of uniting, he prefers to insult more than exchange ideas. The world looks to the US for leadership, and Trump looks down on the world with derision.

The ANC is no better. In the poor townships of Kimberley, the ANC secretary-general thinks potholes and poverty are a “wonderful discovery”. Tell that to the jobless youth who are still searching for uhuru. The party apparatchiks are filling their stomachs with the fruits of liberation, and the voters are fighting for crumbs from the master’s table.

Maponya and Motaung stand out as symbols of excellent leadership in a world with none. Both started out with nothing during the dark days of apartheid. They built successful legacies that will outlive them. I salute Maponya and Motaung for inspiring us with their selflessness and generosity.

Dr Lucas Ntyintyane, Via e-mail