There is understandably huge concern about the levels of violent crime in our country. However, we must always retain a broader perspective.

Crime is not just a national problem but an international one. We have been spared the mass shootings in schools, concerts, churches and the workplace, which happen often in the US, and from regular terrorist onslaughts in other countries.

Crime has no gender, race or culture. That said, the level of violent crime in our country is totally unacceptable. We created a violent society over generations and the growing poverty gap, also an international problem, does not help either. Nor does the hatred and intolerance that is increasing globally on the back of right-wing populism.

We live in a global village and are not immune to trends elsewhere. Each of us must play their role in their respective spheres of influence to change attitudes and security. We cannot leave it up to the government alone, although it can and must do more.

Dawie Jacobs