Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

I’m sure I cannot be the only one who is tired of lawyers dominating our news and society.

This is a phenomenon that really started with Jacob Zuma and the taxpayer paying his legal bills, but it has been taken to a whole new level with our current public protector, who ironically wants to shut down taxpayers with taxpayers’ monies.

Not a day passes without some lawyer being in the main news. I am sure many a reader of your newspaper (me included) would have given an arm and leg to be, for example, the lawyers for Zuma or Tom Moyane.

Yes, lawyers have an important place in a democratic society, as we have just witnessed in the recent mineworker silicosis or District Six cases. However, they should not dominate news.

Your newspaper reported that lawyers are the highest earners of all professions in SA, but at the same time most social experts agree it is the profession that will be worst affected by artificial intelligence.

Contrast this with the US, where this profession only made it to place 24 on the earnings list, while in Canada most bartenders are qualified lawyers.

As the ANC has identified us as a developmental state, the question should always be: “What do we need most, talkers or doers?” Yet people who do good do not make the front pages of our newspapers or on to television screens.

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule is apparently studying law. I hope he gives special attention to the section dealing with defamation.

Derek Abrahams
Via e-mail