An economist with the SA Institute of Race Relations, Ian Cruickshanks, has said state entity SAA would not be allowed to continue in the commercial world. Indeed, many such entities owned by the government are bankrupt and dysfunctional, having been looted and ransacked by officials in government and ANC cadres.

There is a faction in the ANC, close to former president Jacob Zuma, who want a successful power play to depose President Cyril Ramaphosa so they can continue with their looting. That the government spent R100m on the president’s inauguration also indicates the vacuous nature of government.

Another economist, Mike Schussler, believes SAA won’t survive no matter what money is invested in it nor who is appointed as its CEO. It is this lack of perception by government that is creating devastation in our economy. Economists and business people should be running the economy, not the nincompoops in the ANC.

Nathan Cheiman