President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: WIKUS DE WET / AFP
President Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: WIKUS DE WET / AFP

Is President Cyril Ramaphosa fully in control of the ANC and the country? When you read statements by the Jacob Zuma-aligned lieutenants in the governing party you realise Ramaphosa has a fight on his hands.

For example, the new trains launched in Cape Town. Zuma’s friends are telling everyone who cares to listen that we should be thanking Lucky Montana and Daniel Mthimkhulu. But is that really true?

On the Eskom debacle, Brian Molefe and the “genius engineer” are spreading their gospel on social media, namely that when they were in charge Eskom was running well.

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At Luthuli House, Ace Magashule and Jessie Duarte have succeeded in neutralising Ramaphosa supporters. Ongoing attacks on Pravin Gordhan and Mondli Gungubele speak for themselves — the ANC narrative coming out of Luthuli House is being driven by Zuma foot soldiers.

To them the Guptas are friends of SA and Zuma remains the real president of the ANC. Is Ramaphosa a paper president? Is it the case of the tail wagging the dog? Which ANC will contest the elections in three weeks’ time?

Dr Lucas Ntyintyane
Via e-mail