Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

In his column, Why insider debate on the economy is pie in the sky (September 5) Prof Steven Friedman is absolutely correct in his observations about the power exercised by “insiders” of the ANC/Cosatu/SACP governing alliance.

The SA Democratic Teachers Union continues to succeed in ensuring that the majority of people, particularly in rural areas, do not receive a decent, uplifting education in either academic or technical skills. The Setas and technikons are a farce as regards providing technical training.

The rest of the union movement, strongly SACP-inspired and protected, ensures that skilled jobs are available only to their members and, working with the big industrial entities and the ANC, that small and medium-sized businesses pay high wages that preclude their ability to accumulate capital to fund expansion.

The ANC, through the department of trade and industry and others, piles on regulations, rules and reporting requirements that strangle small entrepreneurs. As recently exposed, ANC insiders fraudulently take over land intended for outsiders.

ANC policy directly, or through its proxies the tribal chiefs and Ingonyama Trust, deliberately does not give title to land to the multitude of black farmers who have successfully claimed back their land or worked it for years, if not generations.

Robert Stone