I’ve recently heard of Jannie Mouton’s announcement that he was diagnosed with an early form of dementia.

As a yoga teacher, I have come across a colleague who has taught yoga to an executive who was suffering from early signs of dementia. The results were very encouraging. The executive reported significant improvement in his condition after many months of regular yoga practice.

Over and above the existing medical treatments, I would encourage patients to look at yoga as a means of minimising the impact of dementia. Professional studies have been done showing the positive effect of yoga in such situations. One of these studies was cited in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, which showed that, to some extent, the effects of dementia could be reversed.

Yoga involves a number of very practical exercises incorporating mild physical stretching, controlled breathing and deep rest (meditation). These are designed to bring about a calming and healing effect, both physically and mentally. It is a practice that is accessible to anyone, regardless of their background or personal circumstances, and I believe it would be of particular value to Mouton and others with similar medical conditions.

Candice Helena
Via e-mail