Former president Jacob Zuma. Picture: FELIX DLANGAMANDLA/POOL
Former president Jacob Zuma. Picture: FELIX DLANGAMANDLA/POOL

It is ridiculous enough for Jacob Zuma to plead his innocence, but for so many clergy to publicly support him is downright paradoxical.

Are these gentlemen of the cloth aware of the harm the former president has done to SA?

If so, they are condoning wrongdoing, which surely goes against the common tenets of religious principles. Had they waited for the outcome of the case and Zuma was let off the hook, they could then rightfully celebrate the occasion. As things stand, Zuma still has to prove his relationship with Schabir Shaik was a political move by his opponents and no brown envelopes were exchanged. This presupposes Shaik was wrongfully incarcerated. How likely is that?

If I belonged to the churches represented by these politically pious ones, I’d be disillusioned and seek spiritual succour from shepherds who adhere to the commandment "Thou shalt not steal".

Cliff Buchler