Donald Trump. REUTERS
Donald Trump. REUTERS

Is the US empire crumbling through decadence? How can an intelligent nation (albeit not the majority) put their faith in a leader who epitomises greed, intrigue, corruption, indifference, pride and vindictive and licentious behaviour? Is Donald Trump the antichrist, as his values are so diametrically opposed to good human values?

The buffoonery that festers in his administration is more suited to soap opera than responsible government. Rex Tillerson gave the US a semblance of reason in a putrid sea, but that was a threat to Trump, so he was fired. A week later hardliner John Bolton becomes national security adviser. Scary stuff. The Trump administration is out of control, which will have consequences.

The US has a leadership crisis and its penchant for maverick leaders elected by roulette every four years is part of the problem.

Rather, parties should have leaders who work in politics on a continuous basis so the public can make discerning decisions based on performance rather than media appeal.

That Trump would undermine climate change progress and now support the removal of a ban on hunting trophies is disappointing but no surprise.

Steve Lincoln