Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

I have never been a fan of inter-team dialogue on the cricket field. Rather let the batting side talk with the bat and the fielding side talk with the ball (and for heaven’s sake, don’t drop it on a player who has just been run out!).

However, if players of this civilised sport won’t keep quiet, then rather let’s all hear what they have to say, by way of the stump microphone being background to television commentary. Watching tennis, the viewer is privy to all the audio, grunts included.

Golfers are tailed by those fluffy microphones. Let the umpires’ words to players also be heard by all. We hear rugby referees explaining their decisions to players and disciplining offenders, why not in cricket too?

Players who embarrass themselves, their team and in the case of international contests, their country, by continual, inappropriate verbal pollution on the field will surely then face sanction from their selectors, as well as supporters of the game of cricket.

AR van der Byl