H&M. Picture: REUTERS
H&M. Picture: REUTERS

H&M has created a huge precedent with its unconditional apology on its website for its "racist" image (which was a stupid, culturally ignorant mistake) without condemning the vandalism by the EFF against its shops. With this stance, H&M should not think that it has convinced anyone from this extremist party that this was not a "racially motivated" image — only that it is "yielding" to its violent tactics.

This is the EFF mind-set and is why this political party will continue to gain political ground in SA. Its modus operandi does not differ in any way from Hitler’s Brownshirts or Mussolini’s Blackshirts, and it constantly gets away without accountability for its violent intimidation.

H&M should apologise but at the same time strongly condemn the violence, take legal action against the EFF for its financial losses, as well as publicly condemn the South African police’s pathetic inability to maintain law and order.

This is yet another precedent that is going to open a can of worms during future politically motivated actions of vandalism.

James Prince

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