Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS
Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS

The failure of unity among the different race groups is driven not by conflicting ideology or bigotry but a lack of leadership. Leadership disappeared when Nelson Mandela abdicated his presidency.

The country has experienced two generations of African presidencies different only in their desire to destroy the Mandela legacy.

Thabo Mbeki was driven by an African nationalism whose modus operandi was to destroy the rule of law so carefully fashioned by the constitutionalists.

Jacob Zuma is driven by an imperial agenda to empower his family and comrades under the tutorage of the Guptas.

What our country needs now is for the very few good ANC members left and the majority of honest South African citizens to vote out the bandits who have hijacked any vestige of a constitutional state.

Glen Heneck would be better advised to accept that taking an agnostic position on the Springbok emblem counts for nothing (This abnormal country needs a new approach to national identity, November 10).

No motif, whatever its history, is worth anything until it demonstrates the only attribute that really counts — excellence in winning.

What this country needs is a leader who embraces and promotes the idea that success is the only game in town and achieving that virtuous goal is all about sacrifice and hard work.

The shared vision and unity part comes by default thereafter.

John N CatsicasVia e-mail

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