President Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS
President Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS

Recent reports have alleged that many of Jacob Zuma’s decisions are irrational. If by describing him as irrational one means illogical, silly, foolish, crazy, ridiculous, absurd, corrupt and unreasonable, we are without doubt able to categorise many of his decisions in this way.

He is indeed all of these things — and none of them! From the perspective of SA, the decisions Zuma takes may be irrational beyond belief but his "end game" and objectives are vastly different to what we would expect from a president. The suspicious execution of his strategies and the subsequent exploitation of the people who execute them is manipulation at a level of deceitful cleverness that makes him as rational as anyone else.

Case after case arrives in court due directly to him not wishing to obey the law. His behaviour is shameful and embarrassing to all citizens. One day, he will no longer be in a position of power and his legacy will be that he was a man who was irrational.

Russell HopkinsVia e-mail

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