Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

After completing two "Arguses" in previous years, I avoided registering for it for several years because of the unpredictable wind. But the year I decide to enter, guess what?

Wind is a fact of life around Cape Town. Alternative routes with less wind exposure should have been readied, especially when the long-term weather forecasts were predicting higher winds on race day.

The wind tunnelling effect between all those buildings at the start makes it all the more dramatic and dangerous. Rather move the start to a more open area (such as the highway further on or the V&A Waterfront).

Fires are a fact of life around Cape Town. Firefighting teams and support vehicles should have been positioned in risk-prone areas, minimising the need to close off parts of the route.

Protest action is a strategic tool in SA, especially in critical areas at peak times and in DA-versus-ANC land, precisely because it gets the desired attention and reward. Why was this not mitigated or negotiated prior to race day?

I and many hundreds of other racers worked off our carbs and disappointment by cycling most parts of the Cape Town Cycle Tour route immediately after the race was cancelled.

After incurring a substantial cost in time and money, and facing the ridicule of many, I will never enter the race again.

Dr Abu-Bakr Asmal

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