Meryl Streep and Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS
Meryl Streep and Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS

Some might argue that Meryl Streep should not have used the Golden Globes to call out Donald Trump for his appalling behaviour.

I disagree, but they may be right. Perhaps it wasn’t the time or place. But this letter is not about whether she should or shouldn’t have gone that route. It’s about how a real man, a gentleman, would respond to such a speech from a world-class actor and a first-rate
human being.

Trump could have responded in a hundred better ways — taken the high ground, brushed it off, made a joke, laughed it off, bent a knee. Hell, he could even have just said nothing. But he didn’t. He had to open his mouth and tweet the usual low-class slime and bile, the bully boy rhetoric we’ve come to expect from him. He went about as low as one can go.

Half of the US may have just voted for him, but in my book, he is just a vindictive, nasty
little man.

Mark Lowe

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