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The EFF is likely to hear the taunt “VBS looters” more often, given its suspicious opposition to public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan's rooting out corruption in state-owned enterprises.

The odds of public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane getting an adverse ruling from the Constitutional Court have risen now that the Reserve Bank can present its case.

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If you believe pension fund managers, however big a portion of your salary you hand them every month to invest for your old age will not be enough.

When investors are able to see the future and predict the returns that an investment will earn them, and see that they are higher than the cost of capital, they will invest. If they can’t, they won’t. It is that simple,” writes Stuart Theobald.

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The Competition Commission has ruled that a channel distribution agreement between the SABC and Naspers's MultiChoice signed in 2013 constituted a notifiable merger.

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Finance minister Tito Mbwoni's promise to explain his strange social media tirade on Thursday night on Monday morning has been postponed indefinitely via yet another cryptic tweet.

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