Pikitup. Picture: SOWETAN
Pikitup. Picture: SOWETAN

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Bytes from the digital world

It turns out the reason Johannesburg's refuse was not collected for a week was that the DA-controlled city failed to pay rent for its garbage trucks.

VBS Mutual Bank appears to have used a R350m loan from the Public Investment Corporation as a slush fund.

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Matters of debate

Former finance minister Trevor Manuel was irked enough by the history recounted by university lecturer Anthony Butler in his column, The Treasury has always been embattled, its ministers always horse traders, to write a rebuttal.

"The ostensible legal strictures that prevented [former finance minister Nhlanhla] Nene from signing off on a nuclear deal did not deter Manuel from adding his signature to the strategic arms procurement package," Butler wrote.

Finding alpha

The long and the short of the markets

Despite the absence of 2018 bonuses, Woolworths CEO Ian Moir, who drove the ill-fated Australian acquisition, still managed to pick up total remuneration of R30.5m

While many financial services firms are panicking from poor economic indicators locally and therefore moving funds offshore, PSG Konsult says it will focus on its home market.

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The lighter side of the web

This satirical market report falls into the "many a true word spoken in jest" category.

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Graph of the day

Naspers has fallen even harder than its main asset, Tencent, in this year's emerging-market rout.