Duduzane Zuma at the state capture commission of inquiry at Parktown in Johannesburg. Picture: SUNDAY TIME/THAPELO MOREBUDI.
Duduzane Zuma at the state capture commission of inquiry at Parktown in Johannesburg. Picture: SUNDAY TIME/THAPELO MOREBUDI.

Former president Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane has insisted to the Zondo inquiry that he has been unfairly depicted as the face of corruption in SA. 

“I am looked at as a criminal, and this face of corruption, this guy who has plundered trillions out of this country, which is not the case, by the way, so I would just like to say to the public out there I’m not corrupt, I’m not taking money from anyone. I don’t care how they [the public] take it. But I just want to make that clear,” he said.

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Duduzane Zuma is a business partner of the Gupta family, who are at the centre of allegations that key officials within Jacob Zuma's administration were "captured" to serve their private interests. The family stands accused of running a parallel government designed to advance their businesses, with Jacob Zuma ceding much of his power, including that to fire and hire ministers, to them.

Duduzane Zuma said on Tuesday morning that he had been “caught in a political storm”, which saw him briefly facing charges related to his alleged participation in a Gupta family plot to bribe then deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas.

He said on Tuesday that Jonas had never made a statement against him.

He continued to insist that former public protector Thuli Madonsela did not give him a fair chance to respond to the evidence of alleged state capture levelled against him. This was after Madonsela accused him of lying to the Zondo inquiry about her office’s efforts to get his side of the story.

He has told the inquiry that communication had been sent to him with regard to Madonsela’s investigation and had been “invited [to give evidence] towards the tail end” of her probe.

“The reason we are sitting here today at the state capture commission is based on the findings of the public protector report … some of us have been integral to those investigations.

“We sit here alleged of all sorts of wrongdoing, corruption, bribery that’s been going on almost on a daily basis for about three years. So what I would have expected was a fair opportunity to represent or reflect on my side of the story, like I’m doing today. I didn’t get that opportunity,” Zuma said.

He said he had not received any of the evidence that implicated him by Madonsela’s office.

Madonsela and one of the lead investigators in the state capture probe told Business Day that Duduzane Zuma's account was simply not true.

“Mr Duduzane Zuma is not being honest,” Madonsela said.

“He knows that he was invited to an interview. He was also sent a section 7(9) notice [which informed him that he had been implicated in the state capture investigation]. He and two of the Gupta brothers took off to Dubai and claimed they’d be there for three weeks. We asked if they could be interviewed via Skype or we could send a team, and they said they could not co-ordinate with their lawyers.

“The oldest of the Gupta brothers, Ajay, chose to come and was given an interview, which also dealt with the Jonas- Zuma meeting at the Gupta house," Madonsela said.