Audi is pressing on with the digital revolution of its cars at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with its AI:ME show car.

“You open the door, take a seat and get away from the urban stress on the fully automated Audi that represents a personal third living space, alongside our homes and workplaces,” says Audi.

Passengers can use eye-tracking to communicate with the show car and have it order their favourite food, for example.

It offers what Audi bills as the next level in compact electric drive architecture, with level 4 autonomous driving to allow occupants to do what they like with their time on board.

They can use its 2,770mm-long wheelbase as a place of entertainment, communication or simple relaxation, and a pair of VR goggles in the car allows occupants to take a virtual flight across spectacular landscapes.

The technology adapts virtual content to the movements of the vehicle in real time, thanks to a self-learning navigation system that saves preferred destinations, connects them with the date, time and current traffic situations, and derives suggested routes from this data.

That’s not all. The show car is said to think independently and is even “empathetic” through knowing its users and their habits.

Using intelligent functions combined with artificial intelligence to increase safety, wellbeing and comfort, it can autonomously implement conditions by observing its owner’s driving style and vital functions, including automatic deployment of special light such as blue, cool white light, for example, which has a stimulating and invigorating effect should a driver get tired.

“In the future, the car will also conduct a precise analysis of the functions and settings that its user prefers, ranging from the seat position, media, route guidance and temperature to the fragrance of the interior,” says Audi.