Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Platt in The Politician. Picture: NETFLIX/IMDB
Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Platt in The Politician. Picture: NETFLIX/IMDB

The Politician — Netflix

Ryan Murphy debuts on Netflix with his satire of American politics set in the world of an exclusive high school. It owes much to the work of Wes Anderson and Alexander Payne but has enough camp and soap opera melodrama to give it a distinctively Murphy feel. Its characters are not always likable and display the ruthlessness of early Bret Easton Ellis rich kids, but overall it’s a well-executed and visually sumptuous piece of dark comic entertainment.

Goliath Season 3 — Amazon Prime Video

Billy Bob Thornton continues to revel in his role as the heavy-drinking, heavy-smoking, not to be underestimated lawyer who’s not afraid to take on the big guys. This time he’s up against ruthless corporations sucking agricultural land dry and destroying the environment. Dennis Quaid, Beau Bridges and Griffin Dunne lend strong support in a third season that’s, as always, addictively bingeable and full of dark humour and thrilling surprises.

Skylines — Netflix

A contemporary German gangster series that takes us into the Frankfurt underworld and its hip-hop scene, this show offers plenty of thrills, action and memorable characters to keep you hooked.

Crazy Rich Asians — Showmax

The modern Asian romcom that broke records at the box office and had everybody talking in 2018 now comes to your small screen. Now that the hype dust has settled, it’s up to you to decide whether this is as genre-bending and game-changing as many would have you believe or whether it’s merely an adequate but necessary first step towards the increased representation of contemporary Asian experience in mainstream media.

Undocumented — Netflix

This six-part documentary series traces the journeys and difficult experiences of Trump-era immigrants to the US. It’s a hard-hitting and timely account that drives its point home through empathetic portrayals and by putting faces to the often nameless and misrepresented people behind the headlines.