Avan Jogia and Kelli Berglund in ‘Now Apocalypse’. Picture: STARZ/IMDB
Avan Jogia and Kelli Berglund in ‘Now Apocalypse’. Picture: STARZ/IMDB

Now Apocalypse Season 1 — Showmax

Cult director and queer cinema pioneer Greg Arakki makes his TV debut with a surreal comedy show that investigates the challenges of identity in the millennial era. It’s off-the-wall and not for everyone but there’s plenty to enjoy about the small screen offering of a director who’s always played the movie game in his own way — often disturbing but always intriguing.

Our Godfather — Netflix

In 1986 mafia boss Tomasso Buscetta was the most high-profile member to break the code of silence and testify against the Cosa Nostra. Buscetta became the most wanted Mob man in the world and the most protected and endangered in US criminal history. His testimony led to the conviction of 400 mafia-related felons but it took its toll on his immediate family Eleven of them died, and it affected the rest of his life. This documentary uses archive footage and interviews with Buscetta’s surviving family who have broken their own silence after 30 years to try to understand who he was and why he decided to become the biggest rat in the history of the Mob.

Travels with My Father, Season 3 — Netflix

Comedian Jack Whitehall has collected much cachet out of putting his posh father Michael in awkward situations. There’s an endearing and charming rapport between them that’s hard not to like and in this season Jack convinces his dad to sample the delights of the US in a road trip from LA to Vegas that sees things get increasingly testy before a relatively heartwarming conclusion.

Bosch, Season 5 — Showmax

Titus Welliver returns as hardheaded but righteous LA detective Harry Bosch for the fifth season of this always bingeable series based on the bestselling books of crime writer Michael Connelly. This time Bosch is not only fighting the crimes of a nefarious opioid ring but also his own past demons in a struggle to seek justice and clear his name.

Hip Hop Evolution, Season 3 — Netflix

MC and journalist Shad Kabango continues his search for the history and origins of the world’s most beloved musical genre. This season begins with two episodes investigating the murders of 90s superstars Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur before Kabango heads off to remind us of the jazzy beat genius of Mos Def and Talib Kweli and the unique sounds of the Dirty South.