GenNext Awards: appealing to the youth market

The youth market wields significant economic power which means that brands ignore them at their peril

Arena Holdings wins print media owner of the year at MOST Awards

Twelfth edition of annual industry awards held virtually again

Balancing out advertising’s gender imbalance

Gender balance has long been a problem in the communications industry, but in SA some progress is being made in opening top creative slots to women

How to deliver cut-through-the-clutter video content

Creating effective video marketing content requires an understanding of the audience it is meant to attract

The impact of the rise of the metaverse on brands

Just as brands initially brushed off social media until it was impossible – and irresponsible – to ignore the importance of being involved, so too will the ...

2021 FM AdFocus Awards jury announced

As is tradition with the FM AdFocus Awards, this year sees 10 new jurors joining second-term jury members as they determine this year’s award winners

Even digital brands are built on trust

Brands needs to occupy the new digital world their customers inhabit and take their reputations online

SA’s most valuable brands

SA’s most popular bank, FNB, came out on top of the list of SA companies with the highest brand value, thanks to its strong investments in digital innovation ...

READ IN FULL | Financial Mail AdFocus 2020

Intense competition in the campaign and communications industry moves to open warfare as agencies and consultancies vie for accounts

The July riots: an inflection point for digital media

There is a fine line to walk in balancing social media’s potential use for good and bad

How to get more sales through your e-commerce website

Running a successful e-commerce website takes more than fancy tech – you need to think like a customer

Online shopping: what customers want

More local shoppers are opting to spend their money online, research shows, but closing a sale still depends on how satisfied customers are with their ...

B2B success still lies in solving customers’ problems

Businesses need to understand what problems or challenges their products or services solve

Reaching millennial and Gen Z audiences requires diversity, inclusivity and equality

Millennial and Gen Z consumers expect more diverse messages and portrayals in media and advertising than previous generations were accustomed to

FM AdFocus applauds change-makers in SA’s advertising industry during a turbulent 2021

This year, the theme of the 2021 FM AdFocus Awards and brand communication review will shine the spotlight on how advertising’s game-changers take on change

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