Future of media: adapt and thrive

Consumers want to see brands step up during times of crisis. A failure to live up to their brand promise can result in significant brand damage

AdFocus: Strong partnerships pay dividends during times of crisis

Those businesses that continue to advertise and keep their brand alive during a crisis tend to reap rewards in the long term

What turns advertisers on to radio?

Radio stations need to approach declining advertising spend with innovative solutions

A new normal for sport and fans

Membership platforms or supporters’ clubs are a way for teams and rights holders to connect directly with fans and generate vital revenue in the process

Are gamification and e-sports giving brands access to new audiences?

Brands need to understand the e-sports ecosystem before deciding to get involved with the industry

How to create meaning in your brand

Patrick Hanlon points to seven codes through which brands should define themselves to create belief systems and meaning

The role of brands in defining our ‘new normal’

Brands need to help us make sense of the world, whatever it ends up looking like, and move us to establish our new normal

Top brands: It’s about being nimble

The list of top global brands is dominated by retail firms that have scored during the Covid-19 pandemic – and those with e-commerce capabilities are expected ...

What does radio bring to the table?

Join us online for our second “The Radio Awards in conversation with …”, featuring Arye Kellman, Nada Wotshela, Chris Botha and Lloyd Madurai as they look at ...

Agency-client relationship management: Meeting a whole new world with firm fluidity

Weeks of virtual relationship management have brought up some issues and opportunities that could make for fertile – or fallow – ground

Learning the art of collaboration and leveraging partnerships

The Covid-19 pandemic poses a unique challenge to brands, governments and consumers to do things differently, with all parties tested to rise to the occasion

The impact of digitisation on corporate identity

Brand guardians need to have a clear understanding of how the brand lives on various platforms

Covid-19: Ad agencies need to adapt quickly

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing a seismic shift in consumer priorities and ad agencies need to adapt quickly, says Brave Group CEO

Ad industry needs to enhance compliance processes to manage risks during Covid-19

Advertising and media agencies should seek tools that can automate the tracking of TV and radio material

Social distancing – the new normal

Companies will be forced to reconsider their business models and become a lot more consumer-centric

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