FM AdFocus Awards entries open

Entries can now be submitted for the 2021 edition of the AdFocus Awards

CMOs: a neglected role revived

The function of the chief marketing officer is regaining importance as companies once again appreciate how marketing leadership can manage internal ...

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Intense competition in the campaign and communications industry moves to open warfare as agencies and consultancies vie for accounts

Brand SA celebrates 10 years of Play Your Part with new initiative for secondary schools

SPONSORED | Own Your Hustle initiative aims to build a community of go-getting learners

How influential is media in defining Africa’s story?

Africa may not be perfect, but neither is it broken, and the stereotypical stories of poverty, conflict and disease should not be the only ones we hear about

MOST Awards receive bumper number of votes

Winners across 21 categories of the MOST Awards will be announced in a hybrid, livestreamed awards event on September 8 2021 at 4pm

Ocean Basket’s tasty alternatives

The level 4 lockdown has forced the Ocean Basket group to refocus its advertising strategy

TBWA\SA proves having purpose brings rewards

SPONSORED | The agency was crowned Agency of the Year at the contest recognising the world’s most powerful cause marketing

Announcement of The Radio Awards 2021 winners postponed

Organisers of The Radio Awards have decided to postpone the announcement of the winners until July 30 2021 at 3pm as a result of the unrest that has gripped ...

Seven questions to ask prospective digital media partners

Look for a partner that focuses on performance gains consecutively with a key performance indicator of a business-aligned goal that can be improved on over time

Why brand health matters

As customer needs evolve, businesses need to evaluate whether their brand purpose and brand promise are still relevant for today’s discerning consumers

SA’s most-liked ads: reading the Covid heartbeat

The lockdown in 2020 had viewers glued to their TV sets, and the commercials they liked best were those that conveyed feel-good messages countering initial ...

Making meaningful connections for business success

Businesses should aim to post quality content that is clickable, audience-specific and visually appealing, and that piques interest and provides value to other ...

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With all the changes, evolution and disrupters, advertising is still about smart, creative writing

READ IN FULL | Financial Mail AdFocus 2018

We hope to give brands a primer on how to get content right and create seamless material that will move product and seed valuable conversations

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