Don’t let your ‘tequila face’ be your last

SPONSORED | Arrive Alive and Joe Public United warn SA drinkers about the dangers of driving drunk

Fighting through the fog: consumer attention as a scarce commodity

Brands need to entice users to volunteer their attention by truly understanding the consumer and giving them the best experience

Best-liked ads of the Covid era

People prefer advertising based on stories about everyday relatable moments, the latest Covid-era survey of favourite ads finds. Those that deliver an explicit ...

Radio talent management: reshaped and redefined

How compelling is talent nowadays? And how can marketers leverage and utilise radio stations and their presenters efficiently?

Quo vadis, media decision-maker?

Media buyers and sellers need an agreed currency with which to trade

Can brands join the social audio club(house)?

Social audio gives you the benefits of podcasts – knowledge sharing, brand alignment, loyalty, tapping into the audio wave – in an instant without much setup ...

Come what may: there’s a marketing strategy for that

Consumer – and therefore marketer – behaviour can never go back to what it was before

How modern culture is driving brand communications

Not all brands need to be doing a Nando’s style of communication, but all brands should be focusing on communication that is true to their brand values

Radio advertising: What will make them listen?

As marketers swing back to traditional media as part of the advertising mix, the use of radio has come under the spotlight. The focus, says a media strategist, ...

Where to place your ads

Valuable data about and insights into consumer behaviour, demographics and products are to be found in the new Marketing All Product Survey. Brands and ...

Steering a business through storms, shallow waters and pandemics

Key to business success is commitment to diversification – of employees, business offerings, strategies and your business footprint

Economic recovery: prepare for the upswing

Upskilling talent on a regular basis, or outsourcing specific jobs to trusted solo or smaller firms, is vital to ensure your ability to work from anywhere, ...

Kantar reveals the five habits of highly effective advertisers

The most successful advertisers have a way of working that starts long before the ad is produced

Sunday Times GenNext: Winning the hearts and minds of young South Africans

The GenNext youth survey provides meaningful insights into the minds of South African youth

High anxiety levels among SA consumers

The longer that Covid plays out, the longer these anxiety levels will persist

Good values mean good business

Ad agencies in smaller markets have had to adjust rapidly over the past 12 months. They say it’s critical to be digitally savvy, to have a more holistic focus ...

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