Customer experience and the brand need to become two parts of the same equation

Winning customer experience visions should be centred on authenticity and delivering on the brand promise

The SA influencer marketing industry crackdown on fake follower factories

SPONSORED | Bot-besmirched statistics are under close scrutiny

Event sponsorships in South Africa

Finding sponsorship for an event requires research, planning and a personalised approach to partner with brands

If products give us what we want, do brands tell us what we need?

Brands that give us both what we want and what we need are enriching

The MediaShop launching a new media agency

The MediaShop is launching a new media agency in SA as part of a major restructuring of the group, but is there room for another player?

AdFocus’s print ad challenge

Agencies across the spectrum are invited to create a print ad based on a news-making story

Branded content – we want to know what you think

In a saturated marketplace, building a strong brand is increasingly difficult. How do brands find a voice amid a sea of competition?

Connecting with the modern consumer in a new age of consumerism

Connecting with the modern consumer involves more than the channel, the message or the value they get

Brand positioning on social media

Marketers who forget to consider brand positioning in their social media communications risk jeopardising consumer brand loyalty

Brands don’t know how to engage black consumers

The way most brands engage with black consumers is wrong, says a top PR man

Loeries milestone for Tseliso Rangaka

Ogilvy’s executive creative director Tseliso Rangaka has been appointed chair of the Loeries 2018

Telecommunications advertising the focus at AdForum

Large advertising budgets don’t necessarily translate into compelling and engaging advertising

Advertising creativity vs effectiveness

Creativity is not the only factor that determines the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

AdFocus entry deadline extended to August 31

Bookings for the AdFocus publication, SA’s largest brand communication review, also close on Friday August 31

Loyalty programmes need to offer more than just points

Modern loyalty programmes need to offer a lot more than merely points if they are to elicit any interest from cynical consumers

Chief marketing officers need to embrace new technologies to build brand trust

Marketing should own the customer experience, embrace technology to meet customers’ digital requirements have a seat at the boardroom table

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