Customer obsession – a 2018 priority – and other trends

According to Forrester, there is a new pressure on CMOs to drive growth in their organisations, or they face being replaced

Reputation management: what is the stakeholder’s role?

Reputation management specialist Palesa Madumo says stakeholders can have a huge effect on an organisation’s reputation

Branding in 2018: the year of paradox

I predict that 2018 will truly be a year of paradox – one in which marketers, strategists and creatives alike will need to be increasingly cognisant of the ...

Half an hour with Bongani Chinkanda

HDI’s newly appointed CEO, Bongani Chinkanda talks strategy, objectives and trends, pointing out that micro-influencers are the way to go when engaging with ...

Advertising approaches a tipping point

To remain relevant, brands must embrace new technologies like virtual reality and voice activation

AR to become more accessible to marketers

AR is well on its way to becoming more mainstream and accessible to marketers as digital companies make the software available to brands. AR integrates well ...

Is there still a need for in-store branding?

Technology is having a significant effect on in-store branding

The One Show selects seven jury members from SA

Seven SA creatives will act as judges at The One Show. Winners will be announced in New York in May

Quality content critical for advertising success

ew eye-tracking technology which allows advertisers to measure actual viewing behaviour of ads, reveals that ads placed in a relevant context perform more ...

Mist-directed ad

Isuzu has been forced to apologise after it was hauled before the Advertising Standards Authority for a misleading radio commercial

Brands need to connect and empower African women

Brands need to understand the strength in the wisdom of African women — not least because of their growing control of household spending power

The changing face of advertising and its implications for 2018

To prepare for the future chief marketing officers would do well to realign their budgets, moving funds from blanket advertising to invest in technologies that ...

Focus on customer experience to avoid being disrupted

usinesses that focus on customer experience and live the adage of the 'customer is king' are less likely to be disrupted, says customer experience expert Julia ...

Minimising the impact of disruption

A closer focus on customer experience could lessen the impact of this disruption, says customer experience expert Julia Ahlfeldt

Why are we still talking about digital agencies?

Ogilvy’s Pete Case argues that the days of standalone digital agencies are numbered

Promise Group shows a commitment to true BEE

The Promise Group has been voted by clients as the agency most committed to BEE and transformation in SA in the 2017 Agency Scope review