Annual Pamro conference to focus on finding certainty in uncertain times through measurement

The Pan African Media Research Organisation will be hosting its annual conference on October 26-28 2021

Basic income grant an opportunity for brands

SPONSORED | KLA research shows how the grant would open doors to products, brands and services for a new consumer demographic

Redzone discussion: What does it mean to be a purpose-led brand?

In a post-Covid climate, organisations need to be socially and culturally aware

Loeries defy Covid gloom

Despite the pandemic, the number of entries for this year’s awards was almost the same as in 2019. On the other hand, research shows that the ad industry needs ...

The wise brand built its house on the rock of strategy

Irrespective of the ever-evolving media landscape, an advertiser’s compass should always be set on strategy first

Collaboration the next frontier for media audience measurement

As definitions blur between media types, it’s increasingly important for industry sectors to work together to produce a single advertising decision-making ...

Adaptability for marketers: new times, new channels

Adaptability is now even more important for marketers than before, a new report says, but accurate measurement of the return on investment across various ...

Cutting through the jargon

A guide to data marketing that won’t have you scratching your head

Using data to inform customer journey planning from a cultural perspective

The key to marketing success is ethically and sustainably leveraging data to understand cultural differences, various mindsets and what inspires individuals

Has decision-making yet shifted to millennial marketers?

How are millennial marketers revolutionising the market?

Brands take a Covid beating

The reputations of famous SA companies inevitably suffered in the pandemic, but there were also some uplifting surprises in the latest set of reports

WATCH: What does it mean to be a ‘purpose-led’ brand?

Now more than ever consumers invest in brands that lead with purpose over profit

The big brand switch

A new US study says more than eight in 10 consumers have bought a different brand from the one they normally purchase in the past three months

Reclaiming your brand mojo

It is time for marketers to challenge traditional KPIs. This is the perfect opportunity to shape new performance frameworks and metrics

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