Film review: The Accountant

The film’s oddities help make The Accountant stand out among ultra-violent films

2 months ago
Film review: Arrival

Communication with aliens is at the heart of this sometimes tortured movie

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Film review: Doctor Strange

Marvel Studios churns forth a stunning, death-metal parable of good’s attraction to evil — with a startlingly professional cast and even silences in which ...

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Film review: Queen of Katwe

Based on the true story of a young chess player from one of Kampala’s worst slums, this movie fits into a Disney trend that offers diversity and maturity

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Film review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Bewildering plot and a staggering list of characters makes the latest Tim Burton movie something that only his most devoted fans will understand (and perhaps, ...

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Film review: The Girl on the Train

But this thriller is worth seeing for the stellar performance by Emily Blunt, and for the wondrously wounded look in her eyes

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