AT THE MOVIES: Drama, on the rocks

Award-nominated films to watch including The Post, I, Tonya and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Drive-ins: Ag pleez deddy . . .

Today’s drive-in is a smart, slick, portable pop-up one, to be enjoyed anywhere

What to watch on TV

Bar a few noteworthy exceptions, there’s little to keep you glued to the TV this winter

Get ready for Game of Thrones

Season seven is about to hit the screens

TELEVISION: Hidden cameras in a country house

How much of our behaviour do we actually control and how much is driven by our inner animal? The BBC sets out to answer that in a fascinating series

For the love of food watch this: Chef’s Table on Netflix

It goes inside the lives and kitchens of the world’s most renowned chefs

WATCH THIS: The bad boy of food TV Anthony Bourdain

If you haven’t seen any of his numerous food series, now is the time to binge watch them on Netflix

BBC taking over foreign homes one television show at a time

BBC Worldwide has become a key supplier of television content internationally — including to SA life television

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, you should

Stranger Things, the Netflix original drama series, could well be a proverbial TV love child of The Goonies and The X-Files

Appeal for co-operation for a better film industry

Technology has had a huge effect on filmed entertainment. It’s time to entrench the gains

Planet Earth's endless sense of wonder

Planet Earth II reminds us habitats are dwindling, sometimes disappearing