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BOOK REVIEW: The Big Con – putting the con in consulting

The use of consultants in public sector institutions is not without its place — but in their current form, consultancies can be both self-serving and ...

In conversation with Sara Byala

Coca-Cola as the epitome of elite capitalism: probing an Africanist historian’s view

Coca-Cola: Biography of a beverage

Bottled: How Coca-Cola Became African tells the story of the behemoth on the continent, as catalyst both for capitalism and for change

BOOK REVIEW: Foreign Bodies – of vaccines and antivaxxers

A new book by historian Simon Schama explains the heroic history of vaccines — and why so many people loathe their development

Talking space with Tim Marshall

The current affairs commentator and author discusses science, technology and material gains from space, and space as a geopolitical battleground

Look to the stars to understand the future of humankind

A new and complex space race is happening — one that is being shaped by power and politics, writes Tim Marshall in The Future of Geography

In conversation with Simon Sebag Montefiore

The author shares his thoughts on hybridity, human nature and why historians don’t give good advice

BOOK REVIEW: High-octane history, told in short stories

Twenty-three ‘acts’, 1,300 pages, 5,000 years — Simon Sebag Montefiore’s The World is an intricate, painstakingly detailed and fascinating ride through the ...

Harry Oppenheimer: Balancing Anglo’s apartheid ledger

When the TRC called on the mining industry to account for its role in apartheid, Anglo American  — as exemplar of the sector — was in the firing line

BOOK REVIEW: How humanity ends (or keeps going)

The premise of William MacAskill’s book is simple: what we do now will have enormous consequences for multitudes

The FM’s top books for the festive season

We pick five notable new reads to entertain, edify and surprise you during your break from the office

BOOK REVIEW: A welcome, if flawed, critique of ANC billionaires

The cracks in the governing party’s approach to the transition in 1994 are partly behind the economic crisis we sit with today, writes Pieter du Toit in his ...

Welcome to Harare, capital of ‘Animal Farm’

NoViolet Bulawayo’s latest book, ‘Glory’, portrays Zimbabwe’s post-liberation tragedy in a satire inspired by George Orwell

Britannia (still) trying to rule the waves

Philippe Sands’s latest work, about the plight of the dispossessed people of the Chagos Islands, is a blend of political intrigue and legal nuance, with a ...

BOOK REVIEW: Yearning for a bittersweet life

In Susan Cain's new book, she sets out why embracing the duality of life is the route to happiness

The cost of Koos: how the Naspers boss almost crashed and burned

This edited extract from ‘Bekker’s Billions’ reveals how the path to success for SA’s most successful media mogul was anything but certain