BOOK REVIEW: When the ox wagon was king of the road

One tollgate recorded 4,500 ox wagons a year travelling from the Cape to the interior

BOOK REVIEW: Nechama Brodie’s Three Bodies

The follow-up to her 2018 fiction debut, Knucklebone, it is another tale that delves into the crimes Reshma Patel and Ian Jack investigate in and around Gauteng

Waiting, and more waiting, for the Anglo Boer War siege of Mafeking to end

Skilled riflemen turned a train into a mobile fortress, but before the British force in the town was relieved in May 1900 ammunition was getting scarce and ...

When movies drew in the crowds

The 1950s produced some powerful films, many still seen as classics today

BOOK REVIEW: Dance of the Trillions

Dance of the Trillions leaves many mysteries about global capital flows unexplained

PODCAST | ‘Thuma mina’ was meant for Jacob Zuma

Sunday Times journalist Qaanitah Hunter tracks the genesis of ‘thuma mina’ and how it became the tagline of Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a flying saucer?

Numerous reports of mysterious flying objects were reported in the aftermath of World War 2, and rumours compelled officials to issue statements denying that ...

Books: ’Tis the season to get reading

David Gorin rounds up the top novels and nonfiction, as well as a collection of short stories, to add to your summer break must-absorb list

France’s final blow in the Far East

After a 55-day siege, on May 7 1954, a small French-held stronghold fell to Vietnamese troops. The colonial power’s empire in the region was no more

BOOKS: Charles van Onselen’s latest work goes down a dark track

The Night Trains etches the lives of millions of people into one’s mind

READ, THE BELOVED COUNTRY: 6 decades of SA literature

If you want to know a country, listen to its stories. What is written and what is read by that nation is a reflection of the anxieties and realities of the time

How Britain lost its crown jewel in the East

Saul David’s book traces the ‘catalogue of blunders’ that led to the fall of Singapore in 1942

Against great odds: the Battle of Britain

The UK’s World War 2 victory over Germany had momentous consequences, but brought the island nation close to defeat

Love Books named best independent bookseller for 2019

Melville’s beloved bookdealer won the accolade at the Sefika SA Book Awards

Midway: the World War 2 sea battle that changed the balance of power in the Pacific

In fighting off an onslaught by huge Japanese forces the US won a crucial advantage

The Booker prize longlist is out

Now is your moment to either get reading madly, or do a quick swot of the nominees and their creations