BOOKS: Winston Churchill and Jan Smuts: The Friendship

The friendship lasted for 50 years, including through two world wars, and overcoming a rocky start, when the two men found themselves on opposite sides of the ...

BOOKS: Swords and sandals

Eagles of the Empire: Invictus by Simon Scarrow

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: Boyhood among ox wagons, ruins and ancient gold workings

SA poet and satirist Roy Campbell reminisces about the extended holidays he spent with relatives in former Rhodesia in the early 20th century

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: Turning back time

A 1939 book that describes SA’s places and people offers a fascinating glimpse into our past

African anthology is one for the books

This year’s winner of the Caine Prize is a first on two fronts

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: When the Cape was wild and empty

An Englishman who travelled in the region in the early 19th century diligently kept a record during his journey ‘up country’ to study the ...

What Happened by Hillary Clinton

Clinton writes about what it was like to run against Donald Trump, the mistakes she made and how she has coped with a shocking and devastating loss

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: A right, royal mystery

A collectable book on auction sheds light on the king of Knysna

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: Echoes of the Drum

The auction of a book by Schadeberg reminds us of a vital era of SA history

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: Jail was no picnic in 19th century Cape

Just the memory of life in the Breakwater Prison was enough to keep men on the straight and narrow afterwards

COLLECTIBLE BOOKS: Another look at Slagtersnek

The rebellion on the Eastern Cape frontier in 1815 needs to be seen in a different light

BOOKS: Holistic view of the Holocaust

Like a documentary film, this shows the big picture, then zooms in to individuals