JOBS | PICC seeks specialists to fulfil infrastructure development targets

SPONSORED | Apply now for these jobs in the technical units of the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission, along with opportunities for young ...

Unearthing dinosaurs in the digital age

Technological advances have opened new frontiers for fossil analysts, and could help resurrect creatures frozen in Siberian ice

A good week for Enoch Godongwana

ANC head of economic transformation could make a career of correcting the cringeworthy comments by the party about nationalising the Reserve Bank

Africa’s children, by the numbers

Africa’s child population is expected to reach 1-billion by 2055 — the largest child population of all continents

Take time to compare those insurance quotes

You will be able to request and compare quotes from insurance providers directly on the app — with the bonus of only having to enter your details once

HOT PROPERTY: Hartbeespoort Dam’s Pecanwood Estate a tranquil haven

Pecanwood golf & lifestyle estate on the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam offers a tranquil haven from the bustle of city life

Trump’s Mexican border wall, by the numbers

$4bn a year is what economists calculate the US will lose in the economic output from Mexican migrants if the construction goes ahead

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Afrikaans makes a comeback in Argentina

According to a report, an Afrikaans-speaking community deep in the Patagonian desert is thriving

Bonuses nixed at Tiger Brands

The listeriosis tragedy was just one of a series of setbacks for Tiger Brands, which has been slow to display a conscience

Tide turns against Chinese economy

The tide has turned for the Chinese economy, and global trading patterns are changing with it

PROFILE: Incoming Huge Group COO Andy Openshaw

Quitting Reunert’s corporate environment led to unexpected offers and a chance to develop entrepreneurial skills

Congress and Trump hit a wall

Both parties have refused to budge over payment for a wall, as state institutions come to a standstill

China casts new light on ‘dark’ side of the moon

China’s historic landing may offer many insights into the universe — and could even get the US thinking about re-entering the space race

Hone your skills with Masterclass

MasterClass’s specialist teachers all promise to share their knowledge and guide you in their particular area of expertise

Worldwide road safety, by the numbers

The risk of road traffic death is three times higher in low-income than high-income countries

A bad week for Food Lover’s Market CEO Brian Coppin

It’s the stuff of retail nightmares — a video goes viral of rats crawling over your supposedly ‘fresh salads’ in your store