The dark side of technology

We face a new dark age because we are losing control over technology, a new book argues

HOT PROPERTY: Tuscan villa on Stellenbosch olive and wine farm

On the northern slopes of Devon Valley, this luxury B&B also has three freestanding one-bedroom en-suite cottages

5 key points from the Constitutional Court’s cannabis ruling

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the private cultivation, possession and consumption of cannabis is legal. Here are the key elements of the ruling: 1. ...

Trustco’s share surge conundrum

You might think a credit downgrade would hurt the Namibian investment company’s share price — but you would be wrong

Behind SA’s online shopping habits

In SA the three categories of purchases most often made on the web are clothing, entertainment and education, and tickets

PROFILE: Fulu Netswera’s tough task at NWU business school

Delicate tasks that face the new business school head include dealing with differing approaches and implementing transformation while keeping standards high

HP Envy 13 is a stand-out laptop

It’s sleek, slimmer and shinier than most, and it’s immediately clear that design was top of mind in production

Why Joburg is burning

The tragic Bank of Lisbon blaze shows up serious safety gaps and fire-engine shortages as well as deep political fault lines

Have we lost the battle against crime?

SA’s crime statistics are beyond bad. In fact, it’s time we recognise that we are in a war

The world’s top apps, by the numbers

WhatsApp has a user base of 1-billion plus people

What happens in an internet minute

187 e-mails are sent and 3.7 million Google search queries occur in an internet minute

HOT PROPERTY: Ideal weekend bolt hole in Shelley Point

This luxury beachfront home near the quaint west-coast village of St Helena Bay offers spectacular ocean views and direct boardwalk access

A bad week for Donald Trump

To say that Donald Trump has had a bad week is as obviously redundant as saying there are questions the Guptas need to answer

Marcel Golding’s new enterprise

The former trade union leader’s appointment as CEO could herald major changes at Af&Over

Shock recession poses a problem for Treasury and Reserve Bank

The country’s growth story and investment prospects are evaporating, posing a problem for the Treasury and Reserve Bank