WATCH: When politicians steal, patients suffer

NHI is supposed to provide all South Africans with the health care many have fought and died for. But citizens are wary of trusting politicians with the public ...

Oil is waiting on South Africa’s doorstep

If the discoveries off the west coast of South Africa and Namibia are managed correctly, the spin-offs for the regional economies will be spectacular

Local arms industry not quite firing

Local arms industry must join forces, says exec

What’s driving up medical inflation?

Lifestyle diseases and excessive consultant control

André Thirion creates home from home in the Northern Cape

Personal experience inspired André Thirion to develop a chain of hotels in this dry part of the land

No plot, it’s just weather

Extreme weather: hot air rising, natural and man-made

A good week for Jonny Steinberg

The writer has won a prestigious prize for his biography of Nelson and Winnie Mandela

PODCAST: Is that column doric or iconic?

Peter Bruce talks about being a columnist in this latest edition of Podcasts from the Edge

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Cruising for a bruising

A collision in Cape Town harbour gave passengers a fright when their cruise ship bumped into a cargo vessel

By the numbers | Where people are the (un)happiest with their lives

Participants were asked to rate their level of satisfaction with their life on a 10-point scale. South Africa ranked 83rd

‘I’m a smoker — and I want stricter tobacco control’

Civil rights activist Koketso Moeti has been smoking for over 20 years. Yet she supports South Africa’s new tobacco bill, which bans indoor smoking, including ...

PODCAST: SA starts its winter crop season with some uncertainty about the weather outlook

The weather outlook remains uncertain for rainfed regions, which could negatively affect the planting in the 2024/24 season

How Taahir Osman keeps Table Mountain safe

The man of the mountain wants to make sure its restorative power continues and that crime is kept at bay

Battle for the ‘soul’ of SA’s medics

Board and branch at loggerheads as claims and counterclaims fly

Editor ousted: Gaza conflict costs journalist her job

Medical Journal editor resigns after her bosses claim ‘reputational damage’