Walking through Maputo: a living museum

Mozambique’s struggle for independence is the theme of a commemorative walking tour

24 hours in Cape Town

Comfort, taste and a great view

Kalk Bay: a special place by the sea

The future of quaint Kalk Bay lies with the railway line and the ocean

Travel: When’s the next holiday long weekend?

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Friends, food and fellowship

Conflict Café offers diners a unique opportunity to break bread and build bridges

Heroes of a steamy romance

The story of Gauteng's Reefsteamers is about the crazy romance of old engines and rolling stock carried out by a group of volunteers whose trade is fast fading

Travel: Seeking stories to tell

SA is looking good as a safe destination for travellers seeking a luxurious and authentic experience, writes Sue Blaine

London on a fiver a day

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Staycation at the Saxon

The word that fits like a pair of well-tailored gloves is ‘discreet’, writes Adele Shevel

The place to be: Namibia

It was a visit to an eternal landscape of lonely wilderness, and worth every kilometre, writes Judy Gilmour

The place to be: Serene sustenance

Those seeking an authentic experience of La Serenissima (the serene city) need to explore the narrow calle and alleyways

Travel: The legacy lives on

If anything screams “colonial” it is Matjiesfontein, with its Victorian architecture and street lamps, yet new life has been breathed into it to ensure it ...

Tokyo Sexwale's private island

Quilalea feels terribly jet-set, and makes you wish you were also a mining millionaire with a private island in the sun