A Sarajevo love story

An intimate, moving and sometimes brutally unsettling tale of forbidden love — a Romeo and Juliet of the post-Cold War era

5 months ago
Theatre: New reality

The revelations that the play Mosali Eo U ’Neileng Eena (The Woman That You Have Given Me) throws up at the non-Sesotho-speaking viewer, but its significance ...

6 months ago
Athol Fugard is back

Debbie Hathway talks to Athol Fugard about his latest play, The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek, prior to its SA premiere

7 months ago
Pay Back the Curry!

The piece requires Daniel Richards to play 24 characters in a commentary on what is happening in SA now, how power manifests not just in politics or economics ...

7 months ago
Theatre: I Love you, You're Perfect, Now Change

Deep down we all want the same things out of life: to love and be loved, to have a purpose, writes Debbie Hathway

8 months ago
Theatre: Firebird

One recognises this sentiment — this conception of the child as a 'giant' — from Ingrid Jonker’s poem Die Kind which Nelson Mandela famously included in his ...

8 months ago