Theatre: New reality

The revelations that the play Mosali Eo U ’Neileng Eena (The Woman That You Have Given Me) throws up at the non-Sesotho-speaking viewer, but its significance ...

5 months ago
Athol Fugard is back

Debbie Hathway talks to Athol Fugard about his latest play, The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek, prior to its SA premiere

6 months ago
Pay Back the Curry!

The piece requires Daniel Richards to play 24 characters in a commentary on what is happening in SA now, how power manifests not just in politics or economics ...

6 months ago
Theatre: I Love you, You're Perfect, Now Change

Deep down we all want the same things out of life: to love and be loved, to have a purpose, writes Debbie Hathway

7 months ago
Theatre: Firebird

One recognises this sentiment — this conception of the child as a 'giant' — from Ingrid Jonker’s poem Die Kind which Nelson Mandela famously included in his ...

7 months ago
Challenging notions of African masculinity

Morwa the Rising Son, directed and performed by Tefo Paya, addresses the complexities of masculine identity, as well as the complex nature of gender, through ...

7 months ago