Secure your legacy today with a valid last will and testament

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WATCH: How to know if you’re exercising hard enough

To keep your heart happy and healthy you should be exercising for 150 to 300 minutes a week. Watch this short video for other useful tips on how to exercise ...

Vaccinations: the get rich quick prick

Poor South Africans — no-one offers us pickled herring in the Pfizer queue

Covid-19: Behind the masks

This year has connected us deeply to our feelings about how we breathe in public. Keith Bain considers masks and how their use is an act of mindful ...

Happier in the long run

The takeaway message from Ryan Sandes’ autobiography is that our minds are more powerful than we realise and that we can achieve a lot more than we think, ...

101: Zika virus

All you need to know about the outbreak of the mosquito-carrying Zika virus

Health: Eat to live

Many people turn to food in times of extreme stress, and as a country in transition we have our fair share