Investec’s inflection point

The bank is SA’s best performer over the past year — but without a boom in the UK or SA, it’s hard to see this run continuing

Gauteng government at the vanguard of SA’s green economy plans

SPONSORED | The province will capitalise on green hydrogen to fuel economic development

Investec Property Fund’s logistics bet is paying off

Well-timed exit from Australia and UK places the fund as the JSE’s only route to the lucrative EU logistics market

BACKSTORY: Fundi Sithebe

We question Fundi Sithebe, CEO at 4Racing

Dutch courage: Heineken’s R40bn bet on SA

Mix beer and cider? Yes, you can. Distell and Heineken get set to brew an African drinks major, but not everyone’s happy

Mitigated risk, meaningful returns: Structured products’ time has come

SPONSORED | Investec’s structured products team expects this highly-effective investment tool to continue to grow in importance

TFG’s mission to buy local, and make local

TFG has made major strides to produce almost three-quarters of its clothes locally. It’s paid off

Deals galore for SA telcos

It’s an early Christmas for financiers thanks to a flurry of recent deals. But which is the stock to back now?

Exciting ride ahead for Transaction Capital

Transaction Capital saw core headline earnings up 264% year on year and 27% on pre-pandemic 2019, with some dividend largesse to boot. The FM spoke to CEO ...

Shareholder activist Dan Loeb stalks Johann Rupert

The arrival of aggressive share activist Dan Loeb at Johann Rupert’s Richemont may produce market fireworks

Xi Jinping versus Naspers: be very afraid

With Xi Jinping set to claim his third term, investors had better hope that China won’t resort to all-out isolation

Redefine: a phoenix on the rise

Redefine has stormed back with a lush dividend, but not everyone is enamoured of its tilt at Polish group EPP

Raubex is ridin’ high

Raubex is enjoying a deluge of work: results for the six months ended August show a leap in its order book to R16.55bn, while profits have recovered after last ...

Cheers for changes to Pension Funds Act

Treasury has listened, and introduced amendments that should prove a major boost for infrastructure spend

BACKSTORY: Yaron Assabi

We question Yaron Assabi, founder and CEO of