The FSCA advocates for the wellbeing of financial customers through fair treatment

SPONSORED | The FSCA now supervises the conduct of financial institutions and their customer interaction

Redefine in pole position

A push into the Polish logistics sector as well as efforts to cut debt should help Redefine out of its market slump

National Wills Week | Is your will in order?

SPONSORED | Capital Legacy has dedicated the past eight years to helping South Africans get valid wills in place

BACKSTORY: Attacq CEO Melt Hamman

We question Melt Hamman, CEO of property group Attacq

Optimise cash flow and reduce interest charges with Absa’s working capital management solutions

SPONSORED | Absa shares advice on how to manage working capital more efficiently in a crisis

Sasol’s time to face the music

Legal bills loom as Sasol loses its bid to avert a class action in the US over its Lake Charles bungle

Biden or Trump: do markets even care?

Paltry JSE returns should prompt local investors to look global — and there are plenty of ways to skin the offshore cat

Safari turning a new leaf — sort of

Safari, which owns a R3.3bn portfolio, is still battling to take the high road after a year of shareholder vs executive run-ins

Cartrack riding right over Covid

Owner-managed vehicle tracking group Cartrack is one of the JSE’s best performers this year. With good reason

Pick n Pay: Bottles up!

The market cheered Pick n Pay’s interim results this week —and the news that it’s bought on-demand liquor app Bottles to further its online appeal. We spoke to ...

BACKSTORY: BCX’s Shaheen Vawda

We question Shaheen Vawda, chief of sales at BCX

Balwin’s moment in the sun

The developer, long ignored by institutions, is emerging as a consistent dividend and capital growth play

What next for PSG’s Zeder?

The sale of its Pioneer Foods stakes has put Zeder on the road to being wound up, or making good on its last assets

MultiChoice building an African empire

The interest of French group Canal+ highlights MultiChoice’s role as a gatekeeper to the continent

Pick n Pay shakes off Covid’s shackles

Pick n Pay’s shares still trail those of Spar and Shoprite, but some in the market say this is the retailer to watch

City Lodge: A casualty of Covid

City Lodge has been one of the casualties of Covid. Much now hinges on a 2021 bounce-back. We spoke to COO Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo