Kate Thompson Ferreira’s most recent column refers (“What to make of Elon Musk?”, May 26).

That Musk has an incredible belief in himself is hardly surprising for one who leads the two currently most successful science-engineering companies in the US, if not the world. For her to think he would fit into one of her two simple-minded alternative characterisations of him belies her fancy that “she is somewhat perspicacious about people”.

I suggest that, as a self-styled tech writer, she turn her attention to Musk’s technical achievements rather than his personality traits. The former are what render him highly abnormal in the true sense of the word, and there are volumes that might be written to help the general population understand the basis of his contributions to a better future for all of us.

It would be more appropriate to shout “Give that man a Bells” than to write a churlish critique of the aspects of his behaviour that deviate from your norms.

Alan Munro 
Via e-mail

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