Pravin Gordhan. Picture: BUSINESS DAY
Pravin Gordhan. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

SAA failed on public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan’s watch, just as SA Express and so many other SOEs have failed on his watch. Why is he not being held accountable? Why has he not been removed and a more capable individual appointed in his place?

Politics! Gordhan is the master of political games. Some 85% of the electorate cannot afford to fly, so what would make them want to contribute their hard-earned tax payments to something they will never benefit from? The other 15% would rather have saved their hard-earned taxes and paid higher airfares to other commercial airlines that cannot get bailouts.

If Gordhan was concerned about the welfare of the electorate he would hold a referendum on whether SA should have a state-owned airline.

The SAA unions are putting their own jobs ahead of the welfare of the electorate. They want the poorest of taxpayers who earn a fraction of what any SAA employee earns to fund their salaries indefinitely. Could anything be more selfish?

The minister says he stakes his reputation on a new airline. Very easy to stake nothing when you have no reputation. His track record is a joke and so is his determination to raise a new airline out of the ashes of SAA.

When will he come to his senses, grow a spine and do what he was appointed and paid to do? Close SAA and let other more capable companies do the job properly. Enough is enough.

Herman Jolink, Via e-mail

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