Mmusi Maimane. Picture: DA
Mmusi Maimane. Picture: DA

I agree with Steven Friedman when he says members of the black middle class who have deserted the ANC have no political party to represent them. This demonstrates the major strategic error made by the DA, which could have been that party.

When the DA fired Helen Zille under pressure from fake ANC outrage over her colonial remarks, it signalled that it was prepared to dump its core white support, calculating that it would retain those votes in any case, and go all out for what it assumed was the black vote. However while pursuing the mass black vote it has failed to get and will never get, it overlooked the urban modern middle class that was sick of the ANC.

If it had segmented the electorate economically and aspirationally rather than racially, and shamelessly espoused the middle-class values that appeal to mainstream groups, it could well have had a future as the party for the middle class (black and white), instead of having nowhere to go as a reluctant default party for whites, but with no appeal to the masses.

Sydney Kaye 
Cape Town