Soldiers patrol Manenberg. Pic: ESA ALEXANDER/THE TIMES
Soldiers patrol Manenberg. Pic: ESA ALEXANDER/THE TIMES

According to the crime statistics released this week, seven of the top 10 murder hotspots in SA are in the Western Cape.

This is an indication of the state of policing in the province, which is still characterised by chronic understaffing and underresourcing.

It is not coincidental that most of the murder hotspots are on the Cape Flats. These communities have been historically neglected and ignored by the police.

Policing is a national competency and the ANC government has no appetite to combat violent gang-related crime in the Western Cape.

It does not matter how many community engagement forums and task teams the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape government implement — if there are no police resources to back them up, the gangs will continue to run amok.

Marshallé Frederiks
Cape Town