An EFF rally in Johannesburg. Picture: VELI NHLAPO
An EFF rally in Johannesburg. Picture: VELI NHLAPO

Three cheers for Tim Cohen. At last the media are calling the EFF out for what it is – not blackshirts or brownshirts, but red-shirted, fully fledged, racist fascists! (A desperate, terrible, historic land mistake, March 5)

Having absorbed the lessons of Hitler and Goebbels at their worst, they are trading in demagoguery, spouting lie upon lie, fomenting racial hatred and economic nihilism and practising thuggery in Parliament, intent on destroying any goodwill that may have been built up in our population over the last 24 years.

A weak-kneed, vacillating ANC and a bewildered, divided DA are allowing political power to slip into the embrace of this poisonous gang of ruffians, whose antics are embraced by a sensation-seeking media.

Boris Yawitch