A five rand coin. Picture: REUTERS
A five rand coin. Picture: REUTERS

Stories of note

Bytes from the digital world

Transnet chief financial officer Garry Pita, who signed off various dodgy payments to Gupta family-linked entities, has resigned.

Both Intelligence Inspector-General Setlhomamaru Dintwe and the DA are challenging former State Security Agency director-general Arthur Fraser’s appointment as national commissioner of correctional services.

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Matters of debate

Why has President Cyril Ramaphosa shifted Fraser from spy boss to prison boss instead of firing him ? Perhaps Fraser knows too much.

Having a land crisis in SA may ultimately be far less hazardous than not having one, argues Anthony Butler.

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The long and the short of the markets

Astral shareholders voted against a resolution to approve R1.1m annual remuneration to chairperson Theuns Eloff.

Absa has denied it has any responsibility for losses suffered by investors in Steinhoff, as claimed by Dutch investors’ association VEB.

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The lighter side of the web

Along with the Illuminati and the Gnomes of Zurich, we BusinessLIVE hacks control everything, especially the JSE and the PIC. At least we do in the paranoid mind of Independent Media proprietor Iqbal Survé.

Because institutional fund managers would have stampeded for the 15% of Sagarmatha Technology that Survé was willing to sell them for a mere R7.5bn if not for our world domination, the government should investigate us, writes Business Report editor Adri Senekal de Wet.

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Graph of the day

The rand’s expected price swings have fallen the most in the world in 2018.