President Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS
President Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS

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On Sunday, ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa gave his strongest indication yet that President Jacob Zuma’s days as the country’s president were numbered, saying that the matter "must be addressed", but that Zuma should not be humiliated.

Acting against Patricia de Lille to protect its anticorruption and good governance claims is essential for brand DA, but its failure to communicate effectively — due to sensitivities linked to its factional politics — could backfire.

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Short-sellers such as Viceroy Research play an important role. "When incentives are mixed, we are likely to get better information and prices are more likely to reflect the truth. So I believe activist short-sellers are a positive thing," writes Stuart Theobald.

The competition between Glencore and Sinopec for Chevron’s South African assets, which include its Cape Town refinery, will hopefully boost local technology.

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Digital currency Bitcoin will "die a horrible death" in 2018, killed by its rival sister, Bitcoin Cash, says Lorien Gamaroff, CEO and founder of Centbee, a Bitcoin Cash wallet.

"We drew comfort from the fact that many highly regarded individuals with strong track records served on [Steinhoff’s] supervisory board," Nedbank Private Wealth said in a note to clients.

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