German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Picture: REUTERS/HANNIBAL HANSCHKE
German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Picture: REUTERS/HANNIBAL HANSCHKE

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A side effect of SA's high unemployment is that the country is ranked third — behind Sweden and Switzerland — when it comes to recycling rates.

A specialist in forensic auditing does not understand the financial statements of banks, was Deloitte's response to Irba's damning report that it had become too close to African Bank's management to maintain its independence.

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Ann Crotty asks what should we make of the R45m that Pepkor (nee Star) paid PSG, Linklaters, Deloitte and other advisers, ahead of its initial public offering in the context of its subsequent R5m fine for nondisclosure.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel outraged her countrymen by saying “Das hat mir einen grosen Shitstorm eingebracht” — not because she used a swearword, but for Anglicising their language.

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The government pension fund expects its R9bn loan to Jayendra Naidoo's Lancaster 101 to be repaid in full despite impairing it by about R4bn.

Before resigning, Ayo Technology CEO Kevin Hardy and chief investment officer Siphiwe Nodwele listed their concerns over conflicts of interest and interference from controlling shareholder Iqbal Survé and his brother-in-law, African Empowered Equity Investments CEO Khalid Abdulla.

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