Former president Jacob Zuma. Picture: AFP
Former president Jacob Zuma. Picture: AFP

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has confirmed that lawyers for former president Jacob Zuma are “in the process of filing” his application for a permanent stay of his corruption prosecution in Durban.

NPA KwaZulu-Natal spokesperson Natasha Ramkisson-Kara told Business Day that provincial deputy director of public prosecutions Moipone Noko has confirmed that Zuma’s lawyers started the filing process around lunch time on Friday.

Zuma’s attorney Daniel Mantsha flew to Durban to ensure the more-than-300 page document — which details why Zuma believes the corruption case against him must be permanently dropped — was filed before the court-ordered deadline.

Key to the application will be Zuma’s argument that he has been prejudiced by “undue delays” in his prosecution, and his continued belief that that prosecution was tainted by improper motives and misconduct.

Zuma has been charged with racketeering, corruption and fraud linked to his relationship with his former financial advisor Schabir Shaik, who was convicted of corrupting him.

He also stands accused of accepting a bribe deal from French arms company Thales, in exchange for his protection from any potential arms deal investigation. Thales is also fighting to have the case against it permanently withdrawn.

The NPA is opposing both applications. The case against Zuma and Thales will be back in court at the end of the month.

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