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There is no better tool than flash for improving the performance of financial applications. The technology has transformed storage and given enterprises the ability to extract extraordinary value from complex data sets.

IBM has invested $1-billion and established worldwide “Flash Centres of Competency” to help customers design and implement flash-based systems.

IBM FlashSystem arrays provide industry-leading performance, reliability and ultra-low latency. The all-flash storage systems offer a full spectrum of enterprise-grade management and feature-rich storage services. They also provide multiple options for addressing the ultra-low latency requirements of securities transaction systems, removing large batch application performance bottlenecks and increasing the effectiveness of computing environments in the financial industry.

Several key differentiators set IBM FlashSystem apart from other flash storage platforms:

  • IBM FlashSystem architecture is designed with IBM MicroLatency technology to speed up response times, delivering data reads and writes in the hundred-microsecond range. This low latency helps financial enterprises complete more transactions faster, gain a competitive advantage and increase revenue.
  • Among the IBM FlashSystem engineering objectives is a focus on extreme performance. In addition to pursuing low latency, IBM FlashSystem engineers also optimised the platform for scalability, aggregate input/output operations per second (IOPS) and bandwidth. The resulting extreme performance helps ensure that as financial workloads increase, FlashSystem storage continues to scale performance while minimising latency degradation. Whether supporting a single application that needs to handle high numbers of concurrent users or multiple applications with diverse workloads, that extreme performance can translate into performance scalability and better business results.
  • IBM FlashSystem storage is optimised to provide macro-efficiency in a compact space and with low energy consumption and greater use of existing resources. The arrays are some of the highest-density products on the market, offering dozens of terabytes of usable storage capacity in only a few rack units of space. While providing more than 1-million IOPS, they only draw about 600W of power, making them extremely power efficient.
  • A key IBM FlashSystem value is enterprise reliability. The system employs two RAID dimensions – patented IBM Variable Stripe RAID technology at the flash module level as well as system-level RAID – resulting in more data protection levels than offered by competing systems.
  • FlashSystem design enables rapid servicing because all hot-swappable and redundant components – including flash modules, power supplies, fans, batteries and canisters – are accessible from the front or back of the system. In addition, software and firmware updates can be completed with the system up and running.

Finally, the IBM FlashSystem family offers a range of advanced storage services such as snapshots, data compression and replication. For financial customers with data that requires an extra layer of protection for adherence to internal or regulatory requirements, FlashSystem products support AES 256 hardware-based data-at-rest encryption.

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