This is an extract from an address by former president Jacob Zuma to students at Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha:

You know English. I don’t know English. I don’t know.

What is a state?

I’m sure you will agree with me. As far as I know, a state is composed of three elements, right?

It is the legislature, executive and judiciary. Agreed?

That constitutes the state. Correct? Agreed.

So you may ask the question: If this is the case, what is this thing called state capture? State. Capture.

Does it mean these three arms have been captured? Huh? Is it true? Huh?

We have a commission that is sitting investigating the state capture. Is the state captured? Huh?

My view, and I’m not disagreeing with anyone is that these are politically decorated expressions.

There is no state that is captured. Even when people try to describe it — worse when they give evidence.

There are some people who are doing things with other people. Individuals. Not a single one of the three is captured.

Judiciary is not captured. Is it captured?

Is Parliament captured?

Is the executive captured?

So where is the state capture?

I will challenge anyone. There is no state capture in South Africa.

There are people who did things to others in one form or another. You can call it anything … not this big name “state capture”.