North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Picture: KCNA VIA REUTERS
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Picture: KCNA VIA REUTERS

With two high-stakes gamblers, both in dire need of "winning", anything could have been expected in Singapore. The dice fell kindly, for now, and the world sighed with relief.

The real intermediaries and key players were the presidents of South Korea and China, but in Singapore the stage belonged to Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, for obvious reasons. For now, Kim is the big winner — world recognition, in high demand with other leaders, and from dictator to respected world leader overnight. Trump is also happy with the carefully orchestrated show, something in which he flourishes. However, he can only hope for another Iran-type deal.

In the bigger picture China is the real winner. Kim had two preparatory sessions in China, flew to Singapore in a Chinese plane and will return in it. Expect a debriefing session in China soon.

All that is against the background of decreasing US influence globally, also among its allies. China, and Russia, have already made their intentions clear to fill the vacuum left by the US. As the Chinese say: we are living in interesting times!

Dawie Jacobs